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Personal tax calendar



Increase your monthly RRSP contribution amount to reflect the new 2010 maximum of $22,000 and/or a salary increase.

January 15

Last day for employees to file a letter indicating their intention to defer taxation of a stock option benefit, involving qualified    publicly listed shares acquired under an employee stock option plan in 2009

January 30

Last day to pay interest on a loan from a family member made in the 2009 taxation year,
to avoid income attribution


Last day to pay any interest payable on a loan extended by your employer, in order to reduce
the amount of the taxable benefit


Top up your 2009 RRSP contribution to your maximum deduction limit.


Report personal use of a company car for 2009 if you wish to reduce the standby charge; personal


distance travelled must be less than 1,667 km per month (20,004 km for the year) and at least 50%
off the distance must be for business purposes. Ask your employer for the date by which they need
your report, as your information is required for the T4 issued by February 28.

February 14

Last day to reimburse your employer for company car operating costs, if you wish to reduce
the operating benefit for 2009.

March 1

Last day to make personal and spousal RRSP contributions for the 2009 taxation year.


Last day to make an RRSP repayment if you participate in the Home Buyers’ Plan (HBP) or Lifelong


Learning Plan (LLP) and are required to make a repayment for the 2009 taxation year. Complete
Schedule 7 when filing your return and designate that your RRSP contribution is to be applied as
an HBP or LLP repayment

March 15

First quarter income tax installments are due from taxpayers who are required to remit quarterly.

March 30

Last day to file tax return for trusts with a December 31 year-end.


Last day to file an information return for partnerships composed exclusively of individuals.

April 30

Deadline for filing your personal income tax return for the 2009 taxation year and remitting
any balance due to Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).


If you are deducting employment expenses for the 2009 taxation year, attach the Statement
of Employment Expenses to your tax return; and if you are claiming a GST/HST rebate,
also attach the Employee and Partner GST/HST Rebate Application


If you are self-employed, last day to pay tax balance owing from the 2009 taxation year

June 15

Second quarter income tax installments are due from taxpayers who are required to remit quarterly


Filing deadline for 2009 personal tax returns if you have self-employed business income, or if you
are the spouse/common-law partner of a taxpayer with self-employed business income. (Note that
payment of tax balance was due April 30, 2010.)


Last day to file GST/HST returns if you are self-employed, have a December 31 fiscal year-end,
and you file annually. (Note that GST/HST remittance was due April 30, 2010.)

September 15

Third quarter income tax installments are due from taxpayers who are required to remit quarterly


If you expect significant tax deductions or credits next year (e.g. RRSP contributions, child care,
alimony), consider applying to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) to have your employer reduce
withholding taxes from your pay cheques.

December 15

Fourth quarter income tax installments are due from taxpayers who are required to remit quarterly.


Crystallize any capital gains or losses for 2010. Dispositions of marketable securities must have
a trade settlement date by the end of the calendar year.

December 31

Last day for taxpayers who turned 71 during 2010 to make contributions to their own RRSP for
the 2010 taxation year, and to convert RRSPs to either RRIFs or life annuities.


For employees using an automobile for employment, last day to notify their employer in writing of
their election to have the automobile operating cost benefit calculated as 50% of the standby charge.


Deadline for annual tax installment for taxpayers whose primary source of income is farming
or fishing, and who do not remit tax quarterly


Payment deadline for most tax deductions and credits to be claimed by individuals for the 2010
taxation year (e.g. interest expense and other investment expenses, child care expenses, medical
expenses, charitable donations).


This calendar has been designed as a resource tool and to assist you in organizing your financial matters. To achieve this goal, the facts and data provided in this calendar have been compiled from sources believed to be reliable and current. However , the above information is subject to change without notice and CABS is not responsible for changes that might occur.


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