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Tax Planning


At CABS, our focus is always on tax planning and consulting with the objective of developing tax reduction and deferral strategies. Our objective is finding solutions and not just identifying problems!


Individual Tax Planning

Individual tax planning means more than preparing your annual personal income tax returns. We take a proactive approach to helping you minimize your income taxes now and in the future. For our owner-managed small business clients, we integrate corporate and individual tax planning strategies to maximize your profits.


Corporate Tax Planning

Innovative and effective corporate tax solutions are the key to your business’ success and growth. We investigate various aspects of your company to identify tax planning opportunities. We can also help you to prepare shareholder agreements so the impact of issues common to multi-shareholder businesses is minimized.


Non-Resident Planning

The non-resident arena may consist of pitfalls and traps for the unwary. We can assist in minimizing your tax exposure surrounding immigration/emigration. We also provide filing of U.S. returns for U.S. citizen/green card holders as well as filings for Canadians selling U.S. real estate/rental properties. For businesses related matters, we can assist in structuring cross-border transactions as well as business structures to maximize repatriation of profits to Canada.


Our tax planning goals include:
  • minimizing your tax bill
  • advice on CRA reviews or audits
  • assistance with handling disputes with CRA
  • filing a Notice of Objection
  • transferring or selling shares in your corporation
  • applications under the Voluntary Disclosure Program
  • decisions about whether to incorporate your business
  • advice on paying yourself salary vs. dividends
  • setting up a Family Trust or Holding corporation
  • advice on maximizing your shareholder loan



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